About our agency

Green Horizon is a comprehensive agency headquartered in Montréal, specializing initially in video and photography services. Over time, our agency has evolved into a versatile entity, expanding our service portfolio to cater to our clients’ marketing, communications, and advertising needs. This diversification has been met with enthusiasm from our clientele, as we now offer a broad spectrum of support across these essential business domains.

Engaging the services of a creative agency stands among the pivotal decisions for a company aiming to bolster its visibility and sales. As such an agency we offers our clients a distinctive and impactful marketing approach, yielding beyond expectations benefits that significantly enhance their business prospects.

What we do

Whether it’s the swift deployment of a social media post or the orchestration of expansive national campaigns, our full-service advertising agency is equipped to propel you toward your objectives. We specialize in navigating the spectrum of advertising needs, ensuring a seamless and effective approach tailored to achieve your desired outcomes